A 2019 AWARD-WINNING copywriter AND CREATIVE DIRECTOR in London who understands the difference between what you have and what you get is the way you write.

My tendency to write can be traced back generations. My grandfather, whose shoes I briefly filled when I was asked to write an editorial feature for The Times in June 2016 and again in December 2018, was an archivist and political columnist for the newspaper himself. As a child, I received accolades for my short stories and creative writing assignments, with one teacher going so far as to say that if I didn't pursue a writing career, it'd be criminal.

Much of my early work is rooted in art. In 2012, I flew to Lijiang in Yunnan Province, China. It was here I penned poems inspired by the Naxi people and their Neolithic cave paintings buried deep inside the Himalayas. On my return, a selection of my poetry was exhibited at the Bankside Gallery in London. I also worked alongside veteran Series Producer Fraser Sheppard to co-write "The Forgotten Kingdom" - an acclaimed documentary funded and televised by ITV.

A subsequent move to London dictated my next step. I picked up a scriptwriting gig while freelance copywriting on the side, before landing an in-house role which made it possible for me to become the storyteller I always wanted to be and get paid for it.

Since then, I've been building big and small brands all over the City (and as far as New York), while continually pushing my own boundaries. I'm happiest when I'm writing, perfecting, honing, and polishing – and I intend to keep doing it until the bones in my fingers dry out.


Karla is a uniquely talented and highly creative individual whose work has continued to blow me away since the day I met her. Not only is she immensely skilled when it comes to creative design and execution (print and digital), but she’s also an expert at writing captivating, action-inspiring copy.

No matter how complex the topic or idea, Karla can distil it down into something that is easy-to-comprehend and enjoyable to read. This, combined with her natural eye for design and ability to develop meaningful brands from the ground up, makes her an absolute asset to the team.

One of Karla’s other strengths is her ability to up-skill and coach others. From providing copywriting training to instructing others on design techniques, I’ve witnessed Karla make a big impact in the development of several other team members.

Overall, Karla adds a whole new dimension to every project and campaign she works on. She is creative, passionate, confident in her ability and a pleasure to do business with. Karla is someone I’d highly recommend.
— Kristen Ashcroft |
Karla’s work is driven by her passion for innovative ideas and perfecting beautiful design.

As a manager, she is attentive and ensures that everyone in the team is working to their strengths, offering helpful advice on copy, design and branding. I often turn to Karla in developing my own copywriting skills - her patience and willingness has built my confidence and allows me to communicate more effectively with clients and prospects.

Recently, Karla redesigned, redeveloped and optimised one of our clients’ websites. Within just a month of launch, this entire rebrand attracted 3 leads who later became clients.

Working with Karla over the last year has been an absolute joy and her enthusiasm is infectious. I wish her all the best in her career, as she continues to be an awesome colleague and mentor!
— Jessica Kalbag | Raconteur