You want to get from A to B. You have a rough idea of where you’re going, but you know you’re going to need help from a few different people, including a freelance copywriter who comes without the in-house overhead, along the way.

A copywriter’s role in your journey is to help you build better, stronger, longer-lasting relationships with your customers. An experienced copywriter who is a natural wordsmith and storyteller can leverage their craft to position and deliver messages that feel less like a transaction and more like a conversation. A copywriter educates and informs to generate trust and buy-in, which means you lose fewer existing customers to competitors, and attract prospects who are kept engaged and interested until they’re ready to buy.

Copywriting is a skill. Even though Graham in accounts can write, I wouldn’t ask him to create a sales pages or some ad copy. It demands emotional intelligence and the ability to walk in other people’s shoes after years of practice. If you want results—whether that’s to sell more products or to generate more conversations—hire a copywriter.



In a nutshell, freelance copywriters use their ability to educate and inform to persuade people to buy without the icky feeling they're being sold to.

And, once a prospect becomes a customer, a copywriter will also know how to keep them warm and engaged until they're ready to buy again.





You need a freelance copywriter if...

• You lose more customers than you attract and don't know why

• You struggle to retain customers after they've bought from you once

• You know your target market but don't know how to engage them

• Your website fails to appear on search engine results pages

• You have a minimal share of YOUR CUSTOMERS' WALLET

Yes, you can write. But can you tell a compelling story that holds attention, builds relationships, and sells effectively? Maybe, but you definitely don’t have the time.

It’s not as simple as putting words down on a page. To get your message out there in front of the right people at the right time, you might need one or a combination of the following:

  • a content marketing strategy (blog posts? guides? books? videos? case studies? etc.)

  • an email marketing strategy (newsletters? drip campaigns? a/b testing? etc.)

  • an advertising strategy (social media? search engine? out of home? etc.)

A copywriter’s job is to understand the customer, i.e. where they are, which messages they will respond to, and what motivates them to buy. They are able to:

  • see and understand your product or service through the eyes of your audience

  • crystallise your message so that it is precise, clear, and emotionally resonant

  • position your offering as a solution to your audience’s pain points

  • make a big deal of the fact that what you’re selling is unlike anything else out there.

Not only will you be able to attract the right type of customers to your brand, you will be able to nurture relationships to create trust and loyalty in an abundant marketplace.

If you know you can do all this without physically having to do it yourself, why wouldn't you?





Done-for-you content that's published on the platforms of your choice... which means you get the content you need at the frequency you need it, whether that's…

  • press releases

  • advertorials / editorials

  • advertising copy

  • white paper / guide / brochures

  • social media posts

  • email nurture sequences

  • newsletters

  • blog posts

  • SEO web copy / landing pages

Optimised content will help you rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs) and give you a greater chance of being found first in organic searches. Stay on the right side of Google, or risk your online integrity, readability, and the user experience.

Compelling advertising that gets you front-of-mind... which means you'll get a series of ads that are written and designed to attract your best customers and filter out the time-wasters to ultimately drive down your cost-per-click and optimise your budget. Get customised advertising whether you choose to run an online campaign (for instance paid social, banner/display ads, retargeting ads) or an offline campaign (things like print advertorials, flyers, leaflets, postcards).

Material that's guaranteed to pay for itself over and over... which means once you've made the initial investment, it's yours to keep. You're free to get as much or as little mileage from your new content as you need.






it all starts with a chat about you, me + your business to ensure we're the right fit.



i'll email you a set of personalised next steps which you'll either amend or sign off.



this is where the research gets done, drafts get written, and ideas come to life.



now it's over to you. you'll be given the raw copy to read through + critique.



with the final draft penned, it'll be beautified, optimised, and ready to launch.