Storytelling is arguably the oldest form of education. For the most part, it follows a linear pattern:

  • Character
  • Conflict
  • Resolution

Copywriting then, is an extension of these principles, only with sales thrown in.

The character is you, or a client you helped. The conflict is a pain point or problem you discover. The resolution is how your product or service solves that pain point or problem.

In other words, storyselling, if you will.

And selling has been around since man figured out he could use it to make a profit.

That's why copywriters worth their salt are so valuable. They know—and have known for millennia(ish)—how to establish a connection with a reader through words so that the transaction of information feels like it's happening between the two of them. Investing time into nurturing these relationships is how you get prospects to know, like and trust you—and it's how you secure their future custom when the need for your services returns.

However, I've worked in offices where non-native English speakers have been asked by senior managers to just "throw some words down on the page" for a campaign they just pulled out their ass. And the funny thing is, it happens everywhere.

But, do yourself a favour. 

DON'T make the same mistakes they do. Refrain from asking Dave in accounts. If you want results and a lead generation process that works hard behind the scenes so you don't have to, hire a copywriter.



You see, copywriting = persuasion. Copywriters persuade people to buy without the icky feeling they're being sold to.

And once the customer buys what you're selling (it can be instantly or after a period of time), a copywriter will know how to keep them warm and engaged with frequent (but not TOO frequent) communications (like emails, incentives, offers, newsletters) until they're ready to buy (FROM YOU!) again.



You need a FREELANCE copywriter if...

• You lose more customers than you attract and don't know why

• You struggle to retain customers after they've bought from you once

• You know your target market but don't know how to engage them

• Your website fails to appear on search engine results pages

• You have a minimal share of YOUR CUSTOMERS' WALLET


Now, as much as you might want to, you're not gonna fix this yourself. You might need...

  • a robust content and email marketing strategy...
  • or to conduct research into the type of messaging and advertising your customers are most likely to respond to and then take action off the back of it...
  • or a series of online content that will put you ahead of your competitors on search engine results pages...
  • or all of the above (or more!).

Knowing there's a need is one thing. But thinking you can do this yourself, or asking Fillipe from France to do it for you is quite another.

Copywriters not only have the unique ability to get customers from one end of the buying cycle to the other because their sole purpose is to be relevant and add value, they also have stamina - and a shit-ton of it.

Unless you're reaching your customers in the ways they WANT to be reached, you will be quickly and mercilessly left behind. Until slippery sales tactics become less slippery and more persuasive, it's in your best interests to start exploring other options now.

When you hire a freelance copywriter to take care of your messaging, your positioning, and your promise (through copy AND strategic branding and design), you're working to secure its desirabilityprofitability, and longevity in the increasingly competitive digital stakes.

Not only will you attract the right type of customers to your brand, you will have nurturing processes in place to create trust and longer-lasting relationships, which is testament to why YOU are the obvious choice.

And honestly, if you know you could do it without physically doing it, why wouldn't you?











Done-for-you content that's published on the platforms of your choice... which means you get the content you need at the frequency you need it, whether that's a whitepaper download, new product/service brochures, a series of social media posts, an email nurture sequence, a monthly newsletter, a set of blog posts, full merchandise, or SEO landing pages. Optimised content will help you rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs) and give you a greater chance of being found first in organic searches. Stay on the right side of Google, or risk your online integrity, readability, and the user experience.

Cost-effective advertising that resonates with your audience... which means you'll get a series of ads that are written and designed to attract your best customers and filter out the time-wasters to ultimately drive down your cost-per-click and optimise your budget. Get customised advertising whether you choose to run an online campaign (for instance paid social, banner/display ads, retargeting ads) or an offline campaign (things like print advertorials, flyers, leaflets, postcards).

Material that's guaranteed to pay for itself over and over... which means once you've made the initial investment, it's yours to keep. You're free to get as much or as little mileage from your new content as you need.







it all starts with a chat about you, me + your business to ensure we're the right fit.



i'll email you a set of personalised next steps which you'll either amend or sign off.



this is where the research gets done, drafts get written, and ideas come to life.



now it's over to you. you'll be given the raw copy to read through + critique.



with the final draft penned, it'll be beautified, optimised, and ready to launch.