Okay, so you've found a way to do it better than anyone else (for now)...

But what happens when the pool of new enquiries dries up, and your existing customers get cold feet and start checking out your competitors?

It costs 500% MORE to acquire new customers than it does to keep current ones says Forrester Research.

And GFK revealed in 2016 that 30% of customers change brands often just for the sake of variety and novelty - so the question is, what safeguards do you have in place to ensure a third of your income doesn't go lining your competitors' pockets?

Running a successful company is involved, difficult and not for the faint-hearted, and as a result, business owners quickly become accustomed to doing everything themselves. They wear too many hats as it is without throwing marketing and creative into the mix.

If this sounds like you, then while it might seem like a great cost-saving exercise on the surface, what you're really doing is negatively impacting the growth of your business. Things get done, but they're done half-assed—and you're making life much harder for yourself.

Marketing and branding deserves to be done well. With the right strategies and research in place before activity kicks off, your efforts can stabilise the peaks and troughs of business growth, which means putting an end to receiving a stream of new enquiries one month, and scrabbling around for new business the next.



You may or may not know (or care) that I started down this road as a copywriter. Some might assume that means I am a proponent of the advertising and selling principles of the 50s (think: the powerful ads that gained Volkswagen a foothold in the American automobile market after Germany had just tried to destroy the planet—twice).

And while these folks would be right in their assumption of me (to an extent), I also firmly and passionately believe that in 2018 and beyond, we have a duty to our clients and employers to be brave and do things differently.

Personally, I think that starts with taking brand seriously and making sure it has a place at the table (and 57% of European C-Suite Executives agree with me).



Raconteur asked 500 European C-Suites IN KEY B2B INDUSTRIES about branded content, AND How effective THEY THINK content marketing IS to reach and influence decision-makers. THE RESULTS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES...


71% think branded content is boring, expected and repetitive. 

64% prefer content with a bold, provocative point of view. 

51% think content produced by brands lacks credibility. 

57% think most brands don’t take design seriously enough. THE 

#1 factor for engagement is distinctive, eye catching design. 

70% do not believe the future of content is short-form.




Setting yourself apart in the market doesn't begin and end with a colour palette. If you want to get ahead in today's fiercely competitive marketplace, it is crucially important to also consider your identity and core values, and the message you want to push out to the market.


Because 90% of consumers say how a firm looks and what it says is what they base their first (and lasting) impressions on - and that leaves no room for error.

ANY copywriter who tells you design and branding is unimportant, or at most, an afterthought, is one who's ill-equipped to sell your story and make it sexy (y'know, desirable. Apple wouldn't make half the money it does, or retain its hardcore fanbase if it sold ugly products—it promises a lifestyle, and so should you).

You've been working hard to build the house...

Now you just need someone to come round and decorate it – but not just for the sake of it. Make it your priority to choose a designer who's comfortable with copywriting. You'll get 2 for the price of 1, and they'll get your business in front of your target audience and ensure your blood, sweat and tears don't go to waste.

There are customers out there unhappy with what they currently have, looking for what it is YOU do. Some don't even know they need it, but they should.

Go out and meet them.

But first – fix up, and look sharp.











A beautifully designed or redesigned Wordpress / Squarespace website... which means you don't need to tie yourself to a developer charging £600 a day to enjoy a bespoke, mobile and search optimised and fully responsive site. Once it's built, you'll also get a crash course on how to navigate and self-manage the back-end, so you won't need to pay hand-over-fist to publish any of your own content.

Brand voice, messaging, positioning, and guidelines development... which means you get peace of mind knowing that the look and feel of your customer-facing communications are in agreement, that your narrative, mission, or deeper meaning is in full focus, and that you are providing users of your product or service with a consistent, authentic brand experience. When you set and deliver on your brand expectations, it builds trust with your audience, a highly valuable form of emotional currency.

Brand materials designed in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator... which means your supporting documents and sales and marketing collateral will be crisp, consistent, and designed with the latest trends in mind. From product/services brochures and downloadable guides, to white papers, digital and print advertisements and newsletters—whatever you need, it's yours.

Site-wide landing page optimisation... which means your existing content will be optimised with high relevancy and low competition longtail keywords and compelling calls to action. You'll also get data capture forms built into your site (like newsletter sign ups and access to gated content offerings) along with an extensive existing copy audit to improve your discoverability in search engines, improve your bounce rate, and to increase your overall web traffic.







it all starts with a chat about you, me + your business to ensure we're the right fit.



i'll email you a set of personalised next steps which you'll either amend or sign off.



this is where the research gets done, mock ups are made, and ideas come to life.



now it's over to you. you'll be given the mock ups to leaf through + critique.



thumbs up from you means the material can be finalised and ready to launch.